About Sweet Freaks and Geeks

Sweet Freaks and Geeks is a Discrete Social Membership and Dating Environment for People who are Socially Challenged or Challenged Socially. It is a fun, safe place for like-minded individuals and disabled people free from judgment and discrimination. This is the home where everyone is accepted. A social community where people with disabilities can find support, reach out to make new friends, or find that special person. This is a big world with lots of people so no one should ever feel alone.

We’ve redefined the word FREAKS to mean Friendly, Real, Equal, Authentic, Kind, Souls.

Our moto is, "there is someone for everyone." If you or someone you know is lonely and could use a friend, a date, or a life partner, Sweet Freaks and Geeks is the place for that. We are committed to stomping out global loneliness

Our Team

Michael Stein

Michael Stein, is the Co-Founder and Originator of Sweet Freaks and Geeks. Michael came up the idea to help people with disabilities when he met a beautiful woman on a plane from Detroit. She had one arm and an amazing attitude having just met someone who overlooked her disability and saw her for the beauty she was. Prior to that, she conveyed to Michael that she had a difficult time on the traditional dating sites as no one would talk to her due to her disability. Thus, the catalyst for the idea to create a compassionate yet discrete dating, friendship, and support membership site for people with disabilities or socially challenged.

Michael is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Global Recruiters Network - Golden Gate where he heads the Technology, Sales, and Marketing Divisions for the Golden Gate office, but Sweet Freaks and Geeks is his true conscious calling.

Aimee Avalon

Aimee Avalon is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Sweet Freaks and Geeks, where she collaborates with Michael on the global consciousness and efficacy efforts for the company.

She is also the Founder of The Radical Female Academy and creator of The Rad Academy Course which helps women find a Life Calling through finding a Passion-Driven Career. Aimee is an advocate of doing what you love and what you are good at. She enjoys finding ways to create value to the world by creating Globally Conscious Businesses that speak to her heart.

Michael and Aimee are life partners raising 4 teenage children together. Both feel very blessed to have found one another, but know that in today’s world, the dating space can be a tough place for people, especially people with disabilities. Sweet Freaks and Geeks is a way for them to celebrate their union by giving back to people who are grossly underserved in the dating and relationship communities on the traditional dating sites.

Michael and Aimee are also co-owners of GRN Golden Gate, an IT Recruiting Firm located near their home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amy Slater
Business Development and Operations Advisor

Amy Slater, Founder and CEO of Amy Slater Consulting, (www.amyslaterconsulting.com) has more than 25 years of leadership and global sales experience, with an unyielding focus on customer value and expertise in business and marketing transformation through technology. Her mission is to improve and transform culture wherever she is. She has a passion for helping and empowering people, to get extraordinary results and ultimately grow revenue. In addition to sales strategy and operations, Amy provides personal and professional coaching services to create an integrated life fueled by the power of positivity and authenticity.

Thomas Byers
Corporate Finance and Tax Advisor

Tom Byers is a CPA with 20+ years of experience in providing tax consulting services to public and privately held corporations, Limited Liability Companies, professional service type business, venture capital and investment banking businesses, and Green Energy Tax Services focusing on clean technology businesses. Tom also has as extensive client facing experience in Real Estate, Hospitality, Retail and Technology companies. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and financial structure to Sweet Freaks and Geeks.

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